Frequently Asked Question

Registration for the exam is simple; fill out the online exam application form and proceed with payment. All fees required, it’s a one-time registration payment.

You can pick a date in the last week of any month. You can also reschedule your exam date anytime no later than one week of your original exam booked date in the last week of any coming month at no extra charge.

Online through a credit card or through any approved testing/course provider in your region if available.

Re-certification is required every 4 years. You can stay up to date with the profession by accumulating 25 educational hours through continuing education, instruction, on-the-job experience, research and publishing, leadership activities, or membership in a national or international professional organization.

You can re-apply for the exam in the following month. Exam fee required.

Required either a bachelor degree OR related experience.

Exam can be taken online anywhere at your home or office computer. Exam can also be taken at any authorized examination center near you if available.

You will receive the official exam hand book required after your complete your online registration.

Yes, you can reschedule your exam as many times needed at no extra charge. You can either send an e-mail with the new date (pick a date in the last week of any coming month) or you can text our WhatsApp support number.

You can apply as many times needed. 

Within few days. 

You will receive your certification packet within 10-12 Days through courier services sent to your physical address listed in your application. 

Online exam preparation course is available at an additional cost but optional and not required. 

There is no particular calculator type or brand for exams. Any type of calculator can be used.