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SMCI STANDARDS SMCI’s activities are guided by Six Core Values, designed to strengthen practice of the profession.
High Standards with no compromises. The improvement of the standards for professional selling, sales management and marketing, in order to establish sales and marketing as a recognized profession.

Professional Education. The planning and implementation of monthly meetings of the membership to enable members to keep up-to-date with changes in the marketplace and to grow as professionals. The planning and implementation of organized training programs for professional selling, sales management, and marketing.

Exchange of Knowledge and Technical Expertise. The establishm


Certified Professionals

About Us

In 1955 SMCI Founder Charles Wagner; David Cock, founder of Sales and Marketing Management Newspaper, and other visionaries invited the presidents of many Sales Managers’ businesses to Washington to discuss forming a network of sales and marketing executives. The result was the National Association of Sales and Marketing, the first of several names for SMCI.

The federation grew quickly, when member CEOs dedicated them to helping Europe and other war-battered areas rebuild their economies. The association included more than 40 countries and was the largest in the world for sales and marketing managers. In 1965 the Sales and Marketing Certification Institute emerged as the leader in the marketing and sales profession and education.

SMCI continues to be the leading worldwide association of sales and marketing management. Its members are the top CEOs and heads of marketing or sales departments for the world’s leading companies. SMCI members benefit from a quarterly magazine, exclusive social networking sites for business, speeches from marketing leaders, access to the most comprehensive online library on sales and marketing, and frequent local meetings that provide insight into the latest and most effective strategies.

SMCI’s vision is to establish a standardized process to deliver in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner a superior quality higher education in sales and marketing across the globe with the CSMP, CSMM, CBM, CMCM, CSS and CSDE Certifications.

SMCI’s goal or objective is to ensure that a Sales and Marketing Professional who earns Credential today will be knowledge-competent and ethical for throughout his/her career and that he/she will then extend these core knowledge competencies and ethical values to tomorrow when he/she becomes a marketing or sales executive or a corporate director. To this end, SMCI represents a single and collective voice for the entire sales and marketing management profession, which symbolizes self-regulation by the profession.

  • Authority

    Certification Programs have been developed by a consortium of Selected Top Notch Sales & Marketing Practitioners, Experts and Authorities from all major Industries.

    International Recognition from all industries and from all leading organizations which embrace Sales & Marketing certifications for Improvement and Problem Solving methodologies.

    SMCI built for you very personalized programs which match to your career goals and ambitions. We are your partner to help you develop your new skills and credentials.

  • Credibility

    Thousands of Sales & Marketing professionals became certified with our Certification Programs. Worldwide Credibility and Acceptance of Accredited SMCI Certifications issued by Sales & Marketing certification institute.

    You credited us with a tremendous stream of success stories: From getting hired at your position, your outstanding performance in your new team, to building multimillion dollar companies, and everything in between.

  • Massive Purpose

    SMCI made Sales & Marketing Management Certifications accessible for the whole world including developed and developing countries. We solved your problem in Sales & Marketing Education by serving your Innovative, Economical and fully supported Certification Programs.

Trusted By Innovators Of All Industries And Size